Services Available

In-Car Training Session (2 hrs)

This is a 2 hour in-car training session we provide to students who wants to do practice with our qualified driving instructor. This is ideal for students who wants to do more in-car practice after taking the complete driver training program or for new immigrants to be prepared for the provincial road test.

In-Car Training Session Combo (10 hrs)

This session includes 5 classes of 2 hours in-car training (total of 10 hours of practice). This is a combo we provide to the students who wishes to perform extra hours of practice with our professionally trained instructor. 

Roadtest (with our Driver Training Vehicle)

This is booked 2 hours prior to the road test so that the student can get extra practice but also climatised to the driving school vehicle. This session is ideal for students who wishes to do a review session with our qualified instructors before the road test.
*You will need permission from the driving instructor in order to book this session.

Translation Service for Learners licence oral exam (Chinese)

Written Test Help Session

Driving is a skill that requires practice; therefore, we strongly recommend students to do as much practice as you can to utilize the skills you learn from our driver training class. 

If you have any questions regarding to the services we provide please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to assist you.